Here at SAC2000 Cold Storage Inc., we are the experts in the handling

and storage of refrigerated and frozen goods!

SAC2000 Cold Storage Inc. offers our customers secure and temperature controlled warehousing and logistics services with an emphasis on rapid service and a detailed oriented approach to customer satisfaction.



  • Electronically controlled multi-temperature storage capabilities for storing goods at variety of temperatures below 0C.
  • 7,500 pallet locations for pallets up to 66” in height.
  • Almost 55'000 square feet and 2 million cubic feet of warehousing space.

Blast freezing

  • Need to freeze your fresh products in a hurry? SAC2000 Cold Storage Inc also offers Blast Freezing services.
  • Our blast freezer has its own dedicated area in the warehouse and can be sealed for quicker, more thorough, results.

Trichina treatment

  • SAC2000 Cold Storage Inc specializes in the handling and execution of TRICHINOSIS treatments for pork products.
  • All our treatments are electronically monitored with detailed temperature reports and graphs and are verified by our on-site CFIA inspectors.
SAC2000 Cold Storage Inc., the ideal environment to maintain the quality and integrity of your frozen products!